Have Fun at MagicPokeBall.com

Give it a Shake!
What is MagicPokeBall.com?

Magic Poke’ball was made for all Poke’mon Go lovers to have some fun and win not just Google Play Credit and Itunes Credit towards free Poke’balls…
But to also win tons of other Digital Gift Cards, all for doing… well…
Absolutely Nothing…
But Having fun and shaking the Magic Poke’ball!

Why do you do this?

That’s Simple!
Poke’mon Go is not just one of the most popular games worldwide…
But it is also one of the Most Rapid Games to Expand this Quickly all over the Globe…
And let’s face it…
Everyone can use Free Poke’balls!

What’s the Catch?

Well…There is 1 Catch. We Ask you to Share us on ANY of your Social Medias because that helps raise our Brand Awareness. Other than that… Well… never mind… That’s the Only Catch.

Does it Cost Money?

Of course not.
That defeats the whole purpose!
MagicPokeBall.com is Fun!
Shake as Much as you want!
All that we require, is that before you shake you share your shake on Social Media!

How do I know if I win?

If you win, you will know!
A Digital Code with its details will appear if Your Shake was Magical!
For example: Winner! $10 iTunes Gift Card! 999-999-999-999
If you don’t win, you will see something like: Nice Try! Shake Again!

Are There Enough Digital Gifts?

There are tons of People Shaking the Magic Poke’ball all day long!
In Order to Give it a Shake… You Have to Share it on Your Facebook or Twitter!
So that weeds out many people!
We also have it set up to where there is 1 winner for every X,XXX amount of shakes and the amount of shakes get’s reset by random individuals, which restarts the number of times…
Which means….
It’s pure luck and pure fun!

Do you update your Digital Codes frequently?

Yes we do!
Every time someone wins, we can tell that the Magic Poke’ball shook out some Credit towards Poke’balls via the iTunes store, Google Play Store or shook out another Digital Code, and from there…
We replace it with another!

Ok… How do I play?

Glad you asked!
Click the Magic Poke’ball below to go on and have some Fun! On the Magic Poke’ball Page either Click it with your Mouse and shake it up… or if you’re on a Mobile device such as a Smartphone, Tablet ect…
Physically shake your device to use the Magic Poke’ball as it is “indeed” Magic… and knows you’re shakin’ it on up!
Just remember… this is pure fun and only intended to help Poke’mon Go Lovers around the world enjoy some free Poke’balls!
Spread the word and have some fun and MagicPokeBall.com!

Free Pokeballs and More!

Click the Magic Pokeball Below to Play!

DIY Magic Poke Ball!

Check out this Video on how to turn what is Normally a Magic 8 Ball… but create it into a Magic Poke Ball!

All with Just a Black Marker, Red Paint, a Ping Pong Ball, a Piece of Paper, Scissors, Some Glue and a Cork Jar!